Guess what?  Here we have our kid-friendly Tornado here!  All it does is shred things in it's path like a giant blender! And even better, they are very likely to occur in big storms! Have a nice day!


Hot air and cold air swirled together? Nah. More like Zeus breathing.

What is a tornado?Edit

A tornado is a wind phenomenon which occurs when warm air and cool air collide. This creates an rapidly rotating funnel of air which extends from the clouds (usually culomulonimbus, and occasionally, cumulus) to the ground. Anything caught in the tornado would be rapidly destroyed, unless the object is made of dense metal or anything too heavy to be moved. There are generally five types, EF0 being the least powerful and EF5 being the most: there are some reports of some over 2 miles wide.

Variables that can affect tornado development; Tornado predictionEdit

Tornadoes can spawn at any time of the day; however, between 3PM and 9PM are apparently popular spawning points. They are most likely to occur between these two points. March through May can be a supple time for tornadoes to form. Tornadoes are hard to predict as they can form almost instantly. However, you should be on tornado alert during any big storm.