A storm might be scary, but rain and wind are not to be feared of. That is, unless the storm turns into a hurricane. Then you can be scared.

What is a hurricane?Edit

A hurricane is a storm system that quickly rotates, producing tons of rain and wind. There are six types of hurricanes: Category 1: 75-93 mph, light damage. Category 2: 64-110 mph, some damage. Category 3: 111-129 mph. Heavy damage. Category 4: 130-156 mph. Extensive damage. Category 5: anything higher than 157 mph. Obliterating damage. 

Variables that can affect hurricane development; hurricane predicitonEdit

For a hurricane to form, high humidity and high condensation is needed. The hurricane cannot form less than 345 miles away from the Equator. Also, a hurricane cannot be made from scratch. A storm must be already occuring before the hurricane starts. Hurricanes use warm water to get stronger. Thus, the farther it moves inland, the weaker it'll be. 

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